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Revolut introduces new Revolut Plus plan
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Revolut Plus is now the fourth subscription plan to be made available from the fintech and is a step up from its free Standard account.

It’s not surprising anymore to say that Revolut now has over 1.2 million customers here in Ireland, especially when that number is growing and growing, with a new announcement on the regular.

In fact, it was only at the beginning of this month that Revolut launched the desktop version of its mobile app so that customers could conduct their business on a laptop or computer as easily as on their phone.

But today is a new day with yet another big announcement from the fintech. This time Revolut has announced a revamp of its paid subscription plans as well as introducing a new and more affordable tier called Revolut Plus.

And at a more reasonable price of only €2.99 per month, this plan is sure to entice customers looking for a few more premium features.

But what exactly is on offer? We dissect the new plan in detail below.

Tell me about Revolut Plus

Revolut Plus is the new subscription plan from the global fintech and joins Revolut’s Standard, Premium and Metal accounts.

Revolut is charging €2.99 per month for access to Revolut Plus while the plan has now become the third from Revolut to include a subscription fee. Its standard account remains free of any charge.

The standout feature of this new account from Revolut is that customers will have their purchases protected from theft, damage, or no-returns policies.

Comprehensive purchase protection insurance covers Revolut Plus customers up to a total value of €1,000 should their purchases be accidentally damaged or stolen.

So, if your phone, tablet, or any other eligible item is stolen or accidentally damaged, Revolut will reimburse you up to this value for up to 365 days after the purchase was made.

Purchases made by Premium and Metal customers will also be protected and is part of Revolut’s revamp of its pricing plans. However, Premium and Metal-paying customers will be covered for up to €2,500 and €10,000 respectively.

Furthermore, all paid plan customers will also have access to extended 90-day refunds for eligible purchases, with returns protection of up to €300 on any one item.

That means if you buy an item you can return it for up to 90 days, regardless of the returns policy of the retailer. However, you will need proof of purchase from your Revolut account, your receipt from the retailer, and proof that the retailer refused to take back the item. You may also be required to return the item in its original packaging.

Another great benefit is protection for purchases for tickets to events and concerts. Under this feature, if your plans fall through and you can’t make it to an event, you will still be able to get your money back for tickets purchased through Revolut, up to a value of €1,000.

Head of Premium Product at Revolut, Felix Jamestin said:

Revamping our paid plans and introducing Plus should give a big boost to our customers’ confidence and wallets. Not only will they receive a new, affordable plan with additional protection, they will also get all the great features they have come to love. It’s encouraging to see how popular our plans have been so far, and we think Plus will be an attractive and popular addition.

Customers will continue to enjoy a range of everyday benefits such as spending analytics, budgeting tools, open banking connections, Revolut Junior and much more, helping them to get more from their money. 

The new and improved plans will be available to Revolut’s customers in Ireland today, and will be available to customers in the European Economic Area (EEA) from next week. Revolut plans to introduce Revolut Plus and the revamped plans to other global markets in the near future.

Other interesting features

Revolut Plus customers will receive their very own unique Revolut Plus debit card, distinguishable from the standard account card, though not as premium as the top tier account cards.

Revolut Plus customers will also be able to personalise their debit card with custom designs thanks to Revolut’s unique new card customisation feature. This feature unfortunately isn't available just yet, but is coming soon.

Parents and guardians who sign up to Revolut Plus will also be able to add up to two Revolut Junior accounts by subscribing to the paid service, not to mention priority customer support and access to stock trading, cryptocurrencies and commodities also readily available.

As with the standard Revolut account, Revolut Plus customers will still have access to the everyday banking features of Revolut such as secure online spending with virtual cards, as well as the ability to pay in-store with digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Fitbit pay.

Customers can sign up to Revolut Plus today, or any one of its subscription plans, in the Revolut app.

What other subscription plans are available?

Take a look at our table below and easily compare some of the key features and benefits of all four Revolut accounts.



ATM withdrawals

Intl payments

Debit Card

Revolut Junior

Purchase protection

Returns protection

Ticket protection

Device insurance



Up to €200 p/m

1 free cross border transfer p/m, then €0.50

Standard card

1 account







Up to €200 p/m

1 free cross border transfer p/m, then €0.50

Personalised card

Up to 2 accounts

Up to €1,000

Up to €300

Up to €1,000




Up to €400 p/m


Premium card

Up to 2 accounts

Up to €2,500

Up to €300

Up to €1,000

20% discount



Up to €800 p/m


Metal card

Up to 5 accounts

Up to €10,000

Up to €300

Up to €1,000

20% discount

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