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Bank of Ireland launches digital banking initiative

The digital banking initiative from Bank of Ireland includes a 15-part video series and is part of its Financial Wellbeing programme. The tutorials will provide all age groups with the skills and confidence to better navigate digital banking services.

With technology advancing all the time it’s important to not be left behind, especially when it comes to accessing basic essential services such as banking.

That’s why one of Ireland’s largest banks has launched a new initiative aiming to help improve people’s digital banking literacy.

Bank of Ireland’s ‘Your Next Step’ initiative consists of a 15-part video tutorial series that seeks to make digital banking safer and more accessible for customers both young and old.

So, what’s involved and how do customers tune in?

What is ‘Your Next Step’ from Bank of Ireland?

The 15-part video tutorial series launched by Bank of Ireland seeks to make digital banking safer and more accessible for all customers and will be available to watch online.

Each of the 15 easy-to-follow video tutorials will cover a range of different topics including how to get set up for digital banking as well as how to perform a range of everyday essential banking tasks.

Each tutorial will be introduced by the TV and radio broadcaster Baz Ashmawy and his mum, Nancy, who you might know from BOI’s recent adverts on TV and on billboards all over the country.

Each video in the series will be drip fed over the coming months and will be available via Bank of Ireland’s website. The first video is available now and covers the topic of mobile banking.

All the videos also feature Irish sign language (ISL) interpretation and large text captions for customers who might need them.

Safe and accessible banking

Speaking about the launch of ‘Your Next Step’, Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive of the Bank’s Retail Ireland division, said:

We want digital banking to be accessible and safe for all our customers but we realise that, for some, it’s a leap they’re not comfortable making. They might worry about pressing the wrong button or doing the wrong thing or they could be anxious about online security. That’s why we’ve designed this course to build their confidence and skills in these specific areas.

Our new video series will show you how to download the app, prepare for the call to our contact centre to activate your account, and then do everyday banking tasks like checking your balance. Online safety is absolutely critical so we’ve made sure to cover topics like strong passwords and safe ways to communicate with us when you need support and help.

At Bank of Ireland we want to do everything we can to make sure no one is left behind and customers have the confidence to bank online. We know digital banking can seem like a big leap to many customers but we hope that, by giving them the support they need, we can make that leap as small as possible.

Bank of Ireland also said that an additional source of anxiety for many customers during the pandemic was not being able to easily check their account balance. Therefore the introduction of its video series is a great way to help inform customers and let people learn at their own pace.

What topics will be covered?

Despite online and mobile banking being the preferred way to bank nowadays, Bank of Ireland said that some customers can be reluctant to use digital banking services because of concerns about online security or because they’re simply unfamiliar with the technology and how it works.

It is for these reasons that Bank of Ireland decided to develop its new video tutorial initiative.

In the coming weeks and months the series will cover a wide range of topics from staying safe online, to setting up your app, to carrying out everyday banking tasks online.

Here’s a list of each topic that will be covered.

  • Video 1- Introduction to Online Banking
  • Video 2- Staying Safe Online
  • Video 3- Downloading the banking app for Apple devices
  • Video 4- Downloading the banking app for Android phones
  • Video 5- Preparing to call the Online Activation Centre
  • Video 6- Making the call to the Online Activation Centre
  • Video 7- Registering your device and your first log in
  • Video 8- Using the banking app for the first time
  • Video 9- Support and help after downloading the app
  • Video 10- How to add a payee
  • Video 11- How to transfer between accounts
  • Video 12- How to send money
  • Video 13- How to set up a standing order
  • Video 14- How to cancel a standing order
  • Video 15- How to cancel a direct debit

Financial Wellbeing programme

As mentioned the new video series is part of Bank of Ireland’s wider Financial Wellbeing programme that prioritises ‘financial inclusion’, helping to build customers’ capability and confidence when managing their finances.

As well as its newly launched video tutorials, Bank of Ireland also provides other financial inclusion initiatives which seek to provide information and support to more vulnerable people.

Here are some of the other initiatives that make up its inclusion programme.

  • Vulnerable Customer Unit (VCU) - A specialist unit within BOI established to protect and support the financial wellbeing of customers in vulnerable circumstances.
  • JAM (Just A Minute) Card - Customer-facing employees have been trained to ensure all its branches are now JAM Card Friendly. The JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to ask for a moment of patience in any situation should they need it; including in banks, shops, restaurants or on public transport.
  • Carers’ Debit Card - The Bank of Ireland Carers’ Debit Card provides a safe and secure way for trusted relatives and friends (or other designated carers) to manage the day-to-day living expenses of those who are in their care.
  • Asylum seekers - The Bank has made it easier for international protection applicants to access everyday banking services and launched a new website hub offering practical guidance and support to asylum seekers and refugees on account opening.
  • Pandemic-specific supports - A new service has been included to help self-isolating customers – including older customers and those in difficult situations – access cash for groceries and other day-to-day expenses. This cocooning support included priority hours and a dedicated phone line for over 65s and carers.

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