7 things to consider when switching energy supplier

It's not always just about price. There are a number of other important things to consider when switching energy supplier.

Green energy is generated through renewable sources such as solar, wind and renewable biogas.

Before signing up to a new supplier it's always worthwhile to check out its customer service record to make sure it's up to scratch.

Another thing to consider is whether your new supplier offers both gas and electricity or just one or the other.

Investigating what a specific supplier's 'online services' look like is important, these include a mobile app for customer engagement.

You should research the existing rewards schemes available with each supplier when switching.

Fixed tariffs won't increase in price during a contract but units can be more expensive than a variable rate.

The Estimated Annual Bill, or EAB, is the most important tool when comparing prices on bonkers.ie.

Now that you know why can trust us to save you money, get switching