7 things to consider when switching broadband provider

When your connection isn't up to speed it might be time to upgrade your broadband provider with bonkers.ie. But what should you consider before making the switch?

Deciding what speed you require will depend on what you need your connection to do, and how many people will be using it at any given time.

We would strongly advise checking out your soon-to-be provider to make sure its customer care is up to scratch.

It's a possibility that you might also consider changing your TV provider too. That's why a lot of broadband and TV deals come in one bundle.

The newest and most up-to-date advancements provided by suppliers should be considered when switching your broadband.

Some companies like to include added extras that range from a physical product to an additional discount off your first bill.

Before signing up to any deal we'd always advise you to look at the length of the contract to ensure you're happy with it.

On bonkers.ie you can easily see the monthly and first-year cost of each plan. And if an introductory offer or discount is available.

Now that you know why can trust us to save you money, get switching