MAKE ME RICHER with John Mulligan

Kids' parties - Once upon a time Rice Krispie buns, a jam sponge, TK red lemonade and Tayto were all you needed for a kids' party. Fast forward to the 21st Century and it's all playzones, go-karts and paracetamol for mammy and daddy. How much for a Saturday afternoon party for 10 kids at a specialised playzone venue near Cork city (sausages and the like thrown in for munchies)?

Best: €125.55 (McCools, Supernova)
Avoid: €149.50 (Chuckles)
Saving: €23.95 Contact: www.supernova.ie

Car insurance

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has just announced a whole new raft of motoring penalty point increases. Anyone with a heavy foot or who's prone to gabbing incessantly on the phone better watch out.

How much for fully comprehensive insurance for a 34-year-old female driving a BMW 116 iSE (122) living in Co Kerry, with a five-year no claims bonus but five penalty points on her licence?

Best: €522.17 (Axa via Chill Insurance)
Avoid: €3,718.40 (Asgard via Chill Insurance)
Saving: €3,196.23 Contact: www.chill.ie

GPS watch

It seems everyone's running these days — some from the banks, others from the Revenue Commissioners, and others just for fun. If you've been at it for a while, maybe it's time to get serious with your gadgets. How much for a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch, in violet?

Best: £109.39 (Amazon)
Avoid: €119 (Fitness Digital)
Saving: €9.61 Contact: www.amazon.co.uk

Personal Loan

How much does it cost to borrow €10,000 at a variable interest rate over five years from a bank that doesn't have to be your own?

Best: Bank of Ireland — €217.10 a month €13,026 repaid in total at 11.5 per cent APR)
Avoid: PTSB 6219.36 a month (€13,161.42 in total at 12 per cent APR)
Saving: €135
Contact: www.bonkers.ie




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