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*New customers: €40 per month for 6 months (€70 per month thereafter).
Existing customers: €70 per month.
Vodafone Broadband

TV & Simply Broadband

Broadband At A Glance:
Max Download Speed: 100Mb/s
Max Upload Speed: 20Mb/s
Data per month: Uncapped*
Digital TV
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54 Digital Channels Including:

All the RTE, BBC, Channel 4 and TV3 channels with high definition as standard.

Restart TV:

With Restart TV you can restart a programme, even if it’s mid-way through. So if you’re running late or you forgot to record your favourite show, you’ll still be able to catch it with Restart TV.

Dedicated Netflix Button

Enjoy Netflix from your TV browser or simply at your fingertips with the dedicated Netflix button on your remote control.

Vodafone TV Anywhere App

Stream your favourite TV shows while out and about on the Vodafone TV Anywhere app.

High Definition

Stunning High Definition picture quality, available on selected channels, is free for all Vodafone TV customers.

7 Day Catch Up

With 7 Day Catch Up you can go back in time via the TV Guide and easily access and catch up on thousands of hours on your favourite shows that you might have missed during the week.

Optional Addons:

The following addons can be selected by calling our dedicated Vodafone team on 1800 927 174.

Add Multiroom Viewing: €5
Add Sky Movies: €24
Add Sky Sports : €40
Add Sky Sports & Sky Movies: €49



TV & Simply Broadband

*New customers: €40 per month for 6 months (€70 per month thereafter).
Existing customers: €70 per month.

1800 927 174

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Contract Duration: 18 months

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