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*New customers: €46.50 per month for 12 months (€52.50 per month thereafter).
Existing customers: €52.50 per month.

Broadband Unlimited:

Unlimited internet browsing and downloading with no monthly usage cap. We won't slow your broadband speeds down at any time. Includes the Sky Hub wireless router.

With no usage caps, it’s ideal for TV on demand. Technical support based in Dublin.

When you join Sky Broadband you'll get the Sky Hub, our brand new wireless router, packed with clever features:

Sky Smart Signal - scans for interference in the home and selects the best wireless channel.  
Simple and secure connection with WiFi Protected Setup. 
Innovative low energy mode.

Broadband At A Glance:
Max Download Speed: 24Mb/s
Max Upload Speed: 1Mb/s
Data per month: Uncapped*

Ireland's first Uncapped & Unlimited Broadband package gives you unlimited download allowance. * Uncapped plans are typically subject to a Fair Use Policy. Check with Sky Ireland for details.

Home Phone

Sky Talk Anytime:

Inclusive calls to landlines within Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland any time. Calls to Sky Customer Services at no extra cost.

A great range of optional free features, including voicemail and caller display. Hassle free switching, no need for a new number.

International Call Destinations:

Inclusive anytime landline calls to 20 international destinations, including UK and USA.




Broadband Unlimited & Talk Anytime

*New customers: €46.50 per month for 12 months (€52.50 per month thereafter).
Existing customers: €52.50 per month.

(01) 256 0503

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Contract Duration: 12 months

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