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Minimum balance



  • Child Saver
  • Lump sum saver
  • Regular saver
  • Internet banking
Account Details

About the Account:

If your balance goes over €19,999 a lower rate will apply to the entire balance.

  • Regular deposits are not required.
  • No minimum term
  • Save children's allowance, or other regular payments monthly, lodge larger sums whenever you like.
  • Flexible deposit amounts are permitted
  • You'll receive your interest, minus DIRT on the first working day after 20th November. A variable rate means that your interest rate may change from time to time.
  • No introductory offers are available.
  • Joint Account available. You can open your Safari Saver account for children under 7 in the name of the adult, with child’s name noted. For children between 7 and 12, you can open your Safari Saver account in the name of the adult with child's name noted, in the name of both the adult and the child, or in the name of the child only.
  • No ATM card.

Restrictions & Charges:

  • This is a standalone account, you do not require a separate payment account from permanent tsb.
  • Minimum age of the account holder is 0 years.
  • Maximum age of the account holder is 12 years.
  • Minimum balance is €0.
  • Maximum balance is €19,999.
  • Interest payments are subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) at the prevailing rate, currently 39%.
  • No fees or charges are levied.



Children's Safari Saver Account

(€0 - €19,999)


Instant access to your savings.

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