State Savings 5 Year Savings Certificates

5 year



Minimum deposit



  • Term deposit
  • DIRT exempt
Account Details

About the Account:

Cumulative fixed bonus accrues annually and is paid on maturity or at the appropriate rate on early withdrawal. Interest is Tax Free to Irish Residents.

  • This account does not permit regular deposits to be made.
  • The minimum term is 60 months.
  • Flexible deposit amounts are permitted
  • Where Savings Certificates are encashed before the elapse of 5 years the average annual rate of interest will be lower.
  • No introductory offers are available.
  • Joint Account available.
  • No ATM card.

Restrictions & Charges:

  • This is a standalone account, you do not require a separate payment account from State Savings.
  • Minimum age of the account holder is 18 years.
  • Minimum balance is €50.
  • Maximum balance is €120,000.
  • Earn 5% Tax Free interest after 5 years
  • No fees or charges.
  • No fees or charges are levied.



State Savings 5 Year Savings Certificates

(Issue 22)

You can access your money at any time by giving 7 days notice.

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