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Ulster Bank ufirst Current Account

What are the details?

Credit interest rate

0.15% APR

Quarterly fee


Overdraft Rate

15.55% APR

Joint accounts

Fee free daily banking

As long as you stay in credit or within your overdraft limit, you can receive services without any charge, including no maintenance fees, no direct debit or standing order fees and no in-branch counter service fees.
About the account Value
Overdraft setup fee €25.00
Overdraft renewal fee €25.00
Overdraft interest rate Overdraft available subject to eligibility. 15.55% APR (unapproved overdraft surcharge 9.00% APR)
Quarterly fee €30.00
ATM transaction fee €0.00
In-branch transaction fee €0.00
Internet transaction fee €0.00
Telephone banking transaction fee €0.00
Cheque transaction fee €0.00
Non-euro cash withdrawal commission 1.0% maximum €6.00
About the account Value
Standing order setup fee €0.00
Standing order commission €0.00
Standing order transaction fee €0.00
Standing order amendment €0.00
Standing order unpaid fee €12.70
Direct debit setup fee €0.00
Direct debit unpaid fee €12.70
About the account Value
Cheque unpaid fee (outward) €12.70
Cheque unpaid fee (inward) €0.00
Referral fee €4.44
Replace lost or stolen ATM or debit card €0.00
Stop instruction fee €5.08
PIN replacement fee €0.00
Credit transfer fee €0.00
Duplicate statement fee €3.81 (per page)