Ulster Bank to introduce current account fees

Ulster Bank to introduce current account fees

Ulster Bank have announced the re-introduction of current account maintenance fees, effective from July 1st, 2013.

The move is in line with their previous announcements on current account fees and was a widely expected move.

The maintenance fee of €4 per month is levied to those current account customers which have not met one of two waivers the Bank has introduced to help customers minimise the cost to operate their current account. 

Waiver 1: if a current account customer lodges and clears over €3,000 in a calendar month

Waiver 2: a current account customer maintains a minimum cleared balance of €3,000 at all times in a calendar month

permanent tsb introduced a fee free current account earlier this month with a fee waiver if a customer lodges & clears over €1,500 in a calendar month.

There was no indication from AIB or Bank of Ireland on whether they would be adjusting their own reasonably restrictive maintenance fee waiver requirements.


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